Essentials in My Camera Bag

Emily Winshaw

When it comes to camera bags, everybody has their own unique collection of gear and supplies. Four of my items may seem rather unusual to you. They are not photo gear or accessories but to me they are essential:

  • A towel – Actually many times I carry two of them, a small white towel and a fancy compact one. Summer heat in Georgia, and I’m sure elsewhere, can lead to perspiring hands. There is always something that needs to be wiped.
  • A white umbrella – It is useful in inclement weather, makes a fine light diffuser, and can serve to minimize wind for close-up photography. This may be my most important “accessory”.
  • A large garbage bag – This is useful as a kneeling pad in damp or muddy conditions. It can also be used as a poncho should a sudden rain squall hit.
  • A white t-shirt in a kid’s size – This makes a fine backdrop in close-up work, but more importantly I use it as a cover for my camera. The hot summer sun can be brutal. A hot-to-the-touch camera is uncomfortable and I image that the innards can suffer as well. My illustrations below show how I cover my camera. The neck straps go through the sleeves. The shirt can remain on the neck strap and the camera can still be used. It can be positioned so the viewfinder is accessible through the neck hole while the lens looks through the bottom of the t-shirt.

Those are just four of my essentials, others are likely similar to what every other photographer carries.


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