Posting a photo

Using the WordPress editor for posting is quick and easy, although it takes a bit of getting used to. First thing you do is go to and sign in.

Once you are signed in you will be taken to “My Home” – your place on WordPress. Near the upper right there is a rectangle with a plus sign. It mat say “Write” in it. That is the link for starting a new post. Click it.

The editor will open with a blank post. It will look similar to the screen capture shown here. On the right are various tools. You can turn that sidebar on and off with the gear icon (black square near upper right). The main area is the editing area. Note that it says “Add tittle” in large type. You also see text “Start writing …”. Also note the black square with the plus sign. You will be using that a lot.

The first thing, of course, is to give your post a title. Next you may wish to add some story or description of what your post is all about. This being a photo-blog text is optional, but always helpful to your viewers.

For this illustration the post tile is “Clouds” and a little bit of text was added to introduce the post. Next we will add a photo. This is where that black-square-plus comes in. Move your pointer to it and it will say Add block. In the WordPress editor everything is done in “blocks”. Every item, every paragraph, is a block.

Click Add block and a menu window opens. A selection of blocks will be shown. What we want is the “Image” block. If it is not shown in the little window, click Browse all at the bottom of the window – you may need to scroll down to see it. That opens a left sidebar showing tons of block icons. Scroll down until you find the Image icon.

Click the Image icon. This opens a box like shown here:

The Image box says “upload an image file, pick one from your media library, or add one with an URL.” There is an Upload icon which opens a familiar window for selecting the photo from your device. There is a link Select Image that opens your Media Library. That allows you to select an image that you have already uploaded. The third option, Insert from URL, allows you to specify an image that is elsewhere on the internet – let’s not do that.

The easy way to upload an image is to use drag and drop. You may want to resize the browser window and open File Explorer or another file manager so you can drag the thumbnail of your photo over into the image box in your post draft in the browser.

Be careful when dragging an image thumbnail and don’t accidentally let up on the mouse button and accidentally move the image to an undesired place on your machine. When you get it to the image block there will be a message “Drop file to upload“. Yes, it is that simple.

If you want to add more photos to your post, just proceed the same way.

There is one very important step that you need to take before publishing your post. That is to specify a “Featured image”. The featured image will be the one that social sites, and other places on the internet, will show when you link to your post.

In the right sidebar click on Post. Then scroll down to find the Featured image section. Click Set featured image – or Insert image and navigate to your Media Library. The photo or photos you uploaded will be shown there. Pick the one you wish to feature and click it. Then click Insert.

Take note of the items above the Featured image section. There you can specify Category and assign Tags. Those are very powerful assets than can do a variety of important tasks. We will skip them for now and go ahead and publish the post.

Click Publish. You will see a listing of features and be asked Are you ready to publish? There are suggested actions to assign tags and specify sharing, but we will skip those this time. Go ahead and click Publish again.

That’s it. You have published a blog post. It will show on your blog site. How it will look depends on the “Theme” that you have chosen for your site. How to change that will be the topic for another article in this series.