Instruction for First-Time Login

After you have submitted the form on the contributor signup page you will receive an email with instructions. If you do not see the email in your inbox, please check your Spam or Junk folder. The email will look something like this:

It will show your user name. In the example illustration above it is Emily. Below that you will find a link. That gets you into the WordPress Dashboard for the PCPC-Journal. Continue with the instructions below.

Using the PCPC-Journal contributors dashboard for the first time

The PCPC-Journal Dashboard is the standard WordPress interface. If you are a WordPress blogger you are already familiar with how it works. If this is new to you, carefully look over the material and images below. The instructions here are shown step by step, it is strongly recommended that you follow the instructions here. After your initial login and setting up your “office” you may wish to read the page on Article Preparation.

After you click the Contributor Login link on the Journal page you will be presented with a window similar to this:

Click Log in with username and password.

You will see entry fields for logging in.

In the Username or Email Address field enter the user name provided to you in the email you received. In the Password field enter the temporary password from the email.

Next you will see a window something like this:

In the upper right corner you will see your name. On the left there is a dark tool bar. You will need to use just two of these tools: Posts and Profile.

On your first visit here click Profile.

The Profile page lets you set up your “office” here at the PCPC-Journal. You can try out the various options, but the defaults work just fine, at least for this first time. Scroll down a bit to see this:

The Proofreading section offers a list of options. The WordPress editor that you can use here is very powerful and has an outstanding spelling and grammar checker. Check the options you would like to use. Even with all unchecked you will get good help from the editor.

Scroll down some more.

The section About Yourself is most important on this first visit. In the Biographical Info field you can enter a mini-bio. Readers will see this information.  You can come back to this field at any time, so don’t feel pressured to come up with a bio on your first visit.

There is however, one field that is very important to take care of right away. Under Account Management you see New Password. To the right of that is a link labeled Generate Password.

Get out your little black password book, or at least make sure you have paper and pencil handy. You will do something very sensitive and irreversible.

Click Generate Password. You will see a text field with a long, scrambled text password. You can’t memorize that, so just enter a password you wish to use here. If you have a WordPress account you may use your WordPress password.

Inspect the text you entered. Copy it letter for letter into your password book or at least write it down.  Then scroll down some more.

Click Update Profile.  If you don’t, nothing you selected or entered will be saved. This is your chance to escape and come back with paper and pencil.

About that Profile Picture.

If you have a WordPress account and if you entered your WordPress username and the email address you are using for WordPress you will already see your profile picture here, like Emily did when she came here and captured all these screen images. If you do not have a WordPress account, just leave the image alone for now.

Your first visit chores are now complete. You can just close your browser to sign out automatically, or you can click on your name in the upper right.

Note that there is a Log Out option on the drop-down menu.

Thank you!