Article Posting Instructions

— in preparation —

Articles must have the outline as shown below. Since our site may be viewed on desktop monitors, laptops, and very often on mobile devices, phones, pads, and such, the layout and formatting will be automatically changed to accommodate the device.


The “Title” becomes part of the URL of the article page. It should be short, one word if possible, but descriptive of the topic of the article.


The “Heading” of the article should be a descriptive title of the article. It is set as style “Heading 1”

Author Name

The name of the author must follow on the line with the article heading. It is set as style “Heading 4”

Body  of Article

The text of the article is set as style “Paragraph”. It should follow the PCPC-Journal Guidelines.

Articles should be more than about 400 words.


Images may be embedded in the text at appropriate locations. Images should be larger than 1000px wide and have a horizontal format. The preferred width is 1600px to 2400px. If an image of vertical format is used it may not be set full size as that is very overpowering. See instructions below.

Images should have a caption consisting of descriptive text followed by ” – Photo by photographer” (with the photographers name)

Single Image (Landscape format)

Such images will be shown full column width. Remember that the column width will change according to the viewing device used.

A single image should be set to “center”, “full size” and “link to Attachment Page”.

Multiple Images

Multiple images should be set as a “gallery” – “Tiled Mosaic”. The appearance of galleries changes with viewing device. Examples:

Two images:
Three Images:

Single Image – Portrait Format

Down by the River

When a single image of vertical format is used it must be set smaller so that it will not be visually overpowering in size on any of the viewing devices. This is accomplished by setting the size to 400px in width and setting in “left” or “right” allowing text alongside (depending on viewing device).