Submitting an Article

If you do not wish to avail yourself of the “editorial office tools” you may submit your article via email with your photos attached. A PCPC-Journal editor will then edit, format and publish your article.

To make this process easy and successful, please follow these guidelines:

Start your article with a title and byline as you wish it to appear. For example:

Post-processing using the Photo Gallery editor

Emily Winshaw

Type your article. Indicate location of your photo with instructions in square brackets, include a caption, like this:

[photo ewinshaw-1010-01 caption: Dahlia Blossom - photo by Emily Winshaw]

After the end of your text indicate which of your photos should be the “featured” image, the one that will show up in links to your article and elsewhere. The note may be like this:

[featured photo ewinshaw-1810-02]

Your photos should be scaled to a max dimension of 1000 to 2400 pixels. The file names should indicate your name followed by any designation you wish, maximum of 32 characters, no spaces.

Send your article as an email with your photos attached to: